The Pilot Project “Personal Assistant for people with disabilities” concerns the provision of Personal Assistance to people with any form of disability with a disability rate of 67% and above.

Personal Assistance involves the support of the Recipient by a Personal Assistant of his/her choice or, where applicable, his/her Representative, to enhance his/her independent living and inclusion in society, on the basis of personalised
needs and circumstances of his/her life and in accordance with his/her individual choices and interests, including but not limited to the following

  1. activities of daily living such as feeding, clothing, personal hygiene,
  2. work and studies
  3. participation in leisure activities; and
  4. activities of participation in social life.

But what are the conditions for participation in the personal assistant programme?

Eligible beneficiaries in the first phase of the programme are persons irrespective of disability or condition who:

  • are aged between sixteen (16) and sixty-five (65) years old
  • They have a Disability Certification Result Certificate from the Disability Certification Centre (CDC) of the Electronic National Social Security Institution (e-NSI), with a total disability rate equal to or greater than 67%, valid at the time of application.
    have their primary residence within the boundaries of the Region of Attica as regards the first phase of the Programme.
  • have no personal income or have a personal income not exceeding the amount of sixty thousand euros (€60,000.00).
  • A person living in a closed structure is allowed to apply, be assessed and awarded Personal Assistance. The possibility to choose a Personal Assistant will be subject to the condition of relocation to a pure residence, which is confirmed by a report from the municipal social services. A person living in an Assisted Living Home cannot participate in the Programme.

This is a pilot programme which, for the time being, concerns only the Prefecture of Attica and for its first phase will support one thousand (1,000) beneficiaries.

Where can the Personal Assistant help the disabled person?

  • The assistance of the Personal Assistant shall consist of joint activity with the Beneficiary in and out of the Beneficiary’s home, according to the instructions and suggestions of the Beneficiary or, where applicable, the Beneficiary’s Representative, and shall include providing appropriate support to the Beneficiary to the extent required as a result of the disability and the functional impairment it entails.
  • What circumstances are not included in the Personal Assistance that a person with a disability may receive from a Personal Assistant?
  • Medical, nursing, therapeutic and physical rehabilitation services,
  • educational services and Parallel Support within the meaning of the law. 3699/2008 (Α’ 199),
  • services for which a specific qualification or professional licence is required, even if the Personal Assistant happens to have such a licence,
  • assistance in sexual function or sexual activity,
  • exclusive services of a domestic helper,
  • any unlawful act.

How can one submit the request until 31.5.2022 ?

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