As the summer draws to a close, the Municipality of Athens is emerging as a true ally of associations and institutions. A commendable initiative that was renewed for another year, and set an example of true care and support for members of the local community.

This initiative involves the free stay of members of non-profit associations at the Athens Municipality camp in Agios Andreas, Attica, from 16 to 30 August 2023. The importance of this initiative is reflected in the opportunity provided to persons with disabilities and family caregivers to enjoy a period of rest, fun and entertainment.

Importantly, the Municipality of Athens is underwriting the cost of accommodation, food and entertainment for participants, demonstrating its commitment to supporting local communities and promoting education, culture and entertainment.

Once again, our club participants had a unique experience during their stay at the camp. In addition to moments of relaxation in the beautiful facilities, they had the opportunity to participate in cultural and nature activities that enhance teamwork and personal development.