EPIONI, the Greek Network of Caregivers, regularly organizes informative events that bring together professionals to address a wide range of concerns. These events are particularly focused on supporting caregivers who look after individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities.

Recently, for the fourth consecutive year, EPIONI hosted the “Caregivers and Depression” seminar. The event occurred on October 5, 2030, at the Metropolitan College in Athens, and it was also made available for online viewing.

This seminar featured a distinguished lineup of speakers:

  • Dr. Giorgos Tzeferakos, hailing from the University of Athens, provided valuable insights into pharmaceutical approaches for treating depression.
  • Psychiatrist Georgia Balta shared strategies for preventing depression from recurring, a critical topic for caregivers.
  • Dr. Kelly Panagiotopoulou explored lesser-known facets of caregiver depression, expanding our understanding of this issue.
  • Mr. Dimos Dimelis delved into scenarios where depression proved resistant to conventional treatments, offering alternative perspectives on recovery.
  • Arron Hutchinson from ADHD-Foundation illuminated the connection between ADHD and depression, shedding light on this intriguing relationship.

This seminar garnered endorsements from esteemed organizations such as the Region of Attica, the Hellenic Psychiatric Association, ADHD Ireland, ADHD Foundation,  and the Hellenic Brain Council. Furthermore, it was made possible through collaboration with various mental health institutions.

We extend our gratitude to our corporate sponsors, including VIANEX, Janssen, Pfizer, and Pharmaserve Lilly, whose support was instrumental in making this event a reality.