The 1st Workshop “Living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” was successfully held on 6.10.2023 (9:30 – 11:00) at the European Parliament Office in Greece. The event was held under the auspices of the Region of Attica, the Hellenic Psychiatric Association and the Hellenic Brain Council. The event was co-funded by the European Union in the framework of the Erasmus+ small-scale project “ADHD-EU”

Mr. Haris Kountouros, Head of Public Relations of the European Parliament office in Greece, Mr. Stelios Kymouropoulos MEP and Mr. Spyridon Zorbas, President of EPIONI gave a short address. Mr. Zorbas said that from what was discussed the previous day it was evident that in the UK, Greece, Cyprus and Ireland it is extremely difficult for an adult to seek diagnosis and support.

Mr Ken Kilbride, Director of ADHD-Ireland referred to a “tsunami” of requests that are difficult to support. After elaborating on the services provided by the organisation in Ireland aimed at both parents and adults with ADHD, he mentioned that the many support groups held free of charge through zoom are the largest in the world. Also that anyone who either has or has not, whether they are from Ireland or overseas can freely join.

Mr Andreas Chatzittofis, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Cyprus Medical School, spoke about the clinical picture of ADHD across the lifespan. He invited the participants to the training seminar in Nicosia.

Professor of Psychiatry Artemios Pehlivanidis, Head of the Unit for Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Adults, A’ Psychiatric Clinic of the Aeginitio Hospital, School of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens presented the diagnosis of ADHD in adults in Greece and the resource problems in the Greek health system.

The child psychiatrist Athanasios Kanellopoulos MD, MSc, Special Center for Adolescent Medicine & UNESCO Chair for Adolescent Health and Medicine at the Hawremio Research Laboratory, 1st Pediatric Clinic of EKPA Children’s Hospital “Aghia Sophia” and co-founder of the Network of Young Psychiatrists & Mental Health Professionals presented a very interesting presentation entitled “D. E. E. P. Y. Continuities and discontinuities from child to adult in a changing world. Challenges and concerns for the mental health specialist”

Mr Arron Hutchinson, Education Training Director ath the ADHD Foundation described support for adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the UK. How ADHD is treated by the media and how long the waiting list is for both private psychiatrists and the public sector for adults with ADHD.

Mr. Alexandros Economou Msc of Mental Health – Athens Medical School and Scientific Officer for KSEO EDRA referred to ADHD in everyday life as a Life Experience in Adults. He referred to EDRA’s psycho-educational centers.

Finally, Ailín Kennedy, BSc, AACC, Professional ADHD Coach and Advocate from Ireland gave her lived experience of how her diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in adulthood led her to a successful career as an ADHD Coach.