In any epidemic, it is common for individuals to feel stressed and worried. Common responses of people affected (both directly and indirectly) might include:

  1. Fear of falling ill and dying
  2. Avoiding approaching health facilities due to fear of becoming infected while in care
  3. Fear of losing livelihoods, not being able to work during isolation, and of being dismissed from work
  4. Fear of being socially excluded/placed in quarantine because of being associated with the disease (e.g. racism against persons who are from, or perceived to be from, affected areas)
  5. Feeling powerless in protecting loved ones and fear of losing loved ones because of the virus
  6. Fear of being separated from loved ones and caregivers due to quarantine regime
  7. Refusal to care for unaccompanied or separated minors, people with disabilities or the elderly due to fear of infection, because parents or caregivers have been taken into quarantine
  8. Feelings of helplessness, boredom, loneliness and depression due to being isolated
  9. Fear of reliving the experience of a previous epidemic