The “Creativity with MBCT” project doesn’t just enhance societal awareness but also aids individuals in discovering and nurturing their own potential.

Discovery of Personal Awareness:

The mindfulness-based approach offers individuals an opportunity to intimately acquaint themselves with their inner worlds and to comprehend their emotional, physical, and mental needs more effectively. This process refines their capabilities in stress management, emotional equilibrium, and self-awareness.

The Power of Creativity:

Within the scope of the project, the therapeutic effects of creativity and art are shared. Individuals learned how they can utilize creativity as a tool for emotional expression, problem-solving, and self-exploration.

Social Skills and Communication:

Through group activities and workshops, participants developed their social skills. This facilitated them to communicate more effectively within their communities and reinforced their social relationships.

Lifelong Learning:

The trainings and workshops offered by the project not only introduce participants to new knowledge but also aim to instill in them a passion for learning and the habit of lifelong learning.

The “Creativity with MBCT” project assists individuals in maximizing their own potential. This approach encourages individuals to be more conscious, understanding, and effective in their own lives as well as in their relations with other community members.

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