The EPIONI workshop on Dementia and its Management, was successfully held at the KAPI of Penteli. The excellent speakers Mr.G.Liakakis MD Dr med PhDc and Mr.E.Markogiannaki Nurse, Health Coach Life Coach NLP Practitioner analyzed the ways of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dementia as well as the supporting measures and the ways of behavior towards people suffering from dementia. Great participation of our fellow citizens for this major health problem and many local government officials who honored the event with their presence:
The Deputy Mayor of Social Policy Ms. Georgia Mitropoulou who addressed a greeting, the Deputy Mayor of Environmental Education & President of SPAP Mr. Vlasis Siomos, Mr. Dim.Papakonstantinou Municipal Councillor & Head of the Municipal Council. Moraitis Municipal Councillor, Mr. Nikos Drosatos President of the Municipal Community of Melissia & President of the KAPI, the Local Councillors of Penteli Yannis Bouloukos & N. Economidis, the Local Councillor of Penteli Mrs. V. Simatou, Mrs. M.Zamanou and A.Lymperaki from DEPIS of Penteli, the President & Vice President of the Parents’ Association of the Nea Penteli High School Mrs. Isidora Vassilis and M.Kotzapikoglou respectively & the Vice President A of the Association of Peloponnesians Mr.Arnaoutopoulos. Warm thanks to ALL those who honored the conference with their presence.