Partnerships at National  L e v e l :

European Projects & International Partnerships :

  1. Project “Educating Informal Carers”  2018-1-EL01-KA104-047475
  2. Project «Tools & Skills for Emotional Management» 2018-1-EL01-KA104-047332
  3. Project “Learning for Caregivers in Europe” 2018-1-EL01-KA204-047837
  4. Project “Linking Partners to Share Good Practices for Social Inclusion of Mental Health” 2018-1-TR01-KA202-058739
  5. Project  “#wecare_ye” 2018-3-IT03-KA105-015335

We are members of the networks:

  1. Eurocarers
  3. Mental Health Europe
  4. EFGCP
  5. Global HEART Hub 

Representing Carers  (e.g. in Patient Advisory Board, Stakeholder Forum etc):

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Donors – Sponsors  :

  • Aegeas AMKE
  • Galenica AE
  • Interamerican
  • Lundbeck Hellas AE
  • Novartis Greece

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Jobs / I n t e r s h i p s 

Build your resume, gain practical work skills and experience. EPIONI Communication and Policy Internship Program  provides you with a four week placement in Athens. Contact us.

at HIGGS co-working space

Shadow V i s i t s in Athens :

Shadow visits can facilitate horizontal learning and networking between a range of people at different levels. This is particularly useful for people to see how others have undertaken to promote support for caregivers and overcome some of the challenges involved, with opportunities to discuss, debate and question approaches.

Caring for Carers conference

«Hello, my name is Pınar Aktaşlı from Turkey.  I realized a shadow visit to EPIONI to see a network between carers and create collaboration opportunities between EPIONI and my organization. I learnt so much about the mental health system in Greece and EPIONI’s activities. I have also shared information about Turkey’s mental health system and our best practices. Last day I contributed in a conference named “Caring for Carers”  which EPIONI organized in the office of the European Parliament in Greece. It was a great experience for me!»
Pınar Aktaşlı

«I am Rafael Augusto from Brazil and in 2017 I worked as volunteer for EPIONI, in Athens. EPIONI is an NGO that focuses on bringing awareness for formal and informal caregivers in Greece. I’ve been helping the team for their communication and marketing plans and it has been a great opportunity to test my skills an to engage in an important activity.»
Rafael Augusto

«My name is Wissem Khatmi and I come from France. During 2 months I worked as a volunteer for EPIONI, in Athens. I’ve been helping the team by developing a website dealing with caregivers. I really appreciated working in this great NGO. I’m sure this NGO will grow sooner or later!»
Wissem Khatmi