The non-profit association, Greek Carers Network Epioni, with Association Registration Number: 31660, has been established by order number 174/2017, amendment order number 61/ 2020, of the Athens Magistrate Court.

EPIONI is registered:

  • in the Hellenic Register of Voluntary Non-Governmental Organizations: 09121ΣΥΕ11096Ο68Ν 1438
  • Special Certification of Primary Social Care 26.8.19 – Α.Φ. 32.62
  • Register number of Cultural Bodies of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports: 4241
  • Epioni was certified according to ISO 9001:2015, by the Certification Body LETRINA SA, with the scope of “the provision of support services and awareness about caregivers in Greece as well as the planning, management and implementation of National, European and co-funded projects”.