In an initiative driven by solidarity and innovation, Share4Employment brings together four partner organizations from three European Union countries. The primary objective of this project is to enhance employment prospects for adults grappling with mental health conditions, specifically those diagnosed with bipolar disorder or ADHD. This collaborative effort, involving Belgium, Greece, and Italy, aims to disseminate beneficial practices and insights to the affected individuals and their family caregivers. A key outcome of this collaboration will be the development of the “Comprehensive Guide to Meaningful Employment for Adults with Mental Health Challenges.” The Share4Employment initiative, dedicated to improving job prospects for adults facing mental health issues, commenced on November 12, 2023. Spanning 14 months, it will encompass a range of activities and collaborative efforts, aiming to conclude on January 11, 2025. Our approach encompasses a series of learning activities set to take place in Belgium, Greece, and Italy, all directed towards improving employment opportunities for adults facing mental health challenges. In conjunction with these activities, the creation of a Comprehensive Guide will serve as a valuable resource. To raise awareness and public understanding, we will host four National Awareness Events in each participating country, aligning with World Mental Health Day. Our efforts will also be supported by a communication campaign to effectively broadcast the project’s goals and achievements. The Share4Employment project is dedicated to fostering a better understanding and facilitating a smoother transition into meaningful employment for adults with mental health issues and their caregivers. One of the anticipated benefits for partner organizations is the establishment of a sustainable network focused on improving the work lives of individuals with bipolar disorder or ADHD, along with their caregivers. This network will also play a pivotal role in promoting their engagement in European projects and in sharing experiences and expertise among partners. The journey of the Share4Employment project will officially commence with a kick-off meeting scheduled for 22nd November 2023. This important gathering will be hosted at the offices of the Belgian Brain Council, one of our partners. Embracing modern conveniences and inclusivity, the meeting will be conducted in a hybrid format, allowing participants to join both in-person and virtually. During this session, partners will engage in detailed discussions about the strategic implementation of the project, setting the stage for the impactful activities and collaborations that lie ahead.