This year’s theme had two equally important messages:

First message: “Mental Health Promotion”

As we all know, “Promotion” is even more important than “Prevention” and this is because it is related to Ηealth and not just to Disease.

Second message: “For all”.

It is well known that inequalities contribute, often decisively, to the development of psychopathology. The elimination of inequalities is certainly an unrealistic goal, but reducing the gap is not.

Pursuing this goal is not only of humanitarian importance but also contributes to the mental health of the population.

The important event took place on 6.10.2022 both in person at Amarilia Hotel in Vouliagmeni and online.

You can find the programme of the event here: Programme

The webinar included the leaders of the most important international institutions in the field of mental health. 


George Christodoulou

President of the Society of Preventive Psychiatry

Sir Leslie Ebdon
President of the European Association of  Professors Emeriti
Spyridon Zormpas
President of the Greek Carers Network Epioni