EPIONI, on May 6, 2019, successfully organized the second workshop on “Supporting people with heart disease and the contribution of their carers” at the Technopolis of the City of Athens under the auspices of the Panhellenic Medical Association, the Global HEART Hub and the collaboration of the Cardiopathic Association Officers of the Navy-PF, Harbor-LS. & Friends “and the Panhellenic Association” The Heart of the Child “. Welcome messages were given by Ms. Maria Stratigaki, vice mayor of Athens, Ms. Christina Papanikolaou on behalf of the Institute of Scientific Research of the Panhellenic Medical Association (eHealth Sector), representatives of carers and patients, members of the University and the medical community. Coordinators of the discussion were Mrs. Maria-Niki Georganda, Mr. Spyros Zorbas and Mr. Fokion Dimitriadis. Contributions were made by prominent health scientists: Maria Aggelaki, Antonis Antoniadis, and professor Nikolai Zolotykh. 

The Director of Psychiatric NHS, Mr. Dimitrios Kontis, spoke about “Shared decision-making in hospitalized patients with cardiac disease. A clinical study in Thriassio General Hospital of Elefsina”. The speech of Dr. Kalliopi Panayotopoulos focused on “taking care of the caregiver”. Dr. Homer Papadopoulos from the DIMOKRITOS Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications spoke about the state-of-the-art technologies of Demokritos that support the everyday lives of people with heart problems. Dr. Elias Tsugos, Cardiologist, Director, Errikos Dinan Hospital”, Cardiology Clinic, reported on the symptoms of heart failure and the critical role of the family in recognizing the symptoms of a life-threatening condition.

Very interesting speeches were given by Mr. Stavros Terzakis on an innovative blood donation program, and Mrs. Susan Cambell via a conference call from Global HEART Hub.

The intent of the workshop was to raise awareness in informal carers about heart disease The sponsors of the event were:  Interamerican, Novartis, AMKE Aegeas, VIANEX, and Galenica.

Communication Sponsors were: www.psychologynow.grwww.iatronet.gr and www.socialpolicy.gr