The event for carers took place on Monday, December 2, 2019, 17.00-19.30, at Alkamenous 8. The event featured speeches from mental health professionals. Relatives and carers of people receiving daycare services were invited.

A representative from PEPSAEE presented the services provided and actions performed for carers. In addition to informing them about their actions, EPIONI shared the developments at the European level for carers. A mental health professional from the field gave his perspective on carer care and spoke about carers’ definition and role.

The aim of the event was to inform carers about the services the Day Center can offer and to initiate a constructive dialogue on the care they receive or need. 
Views were expressed by Mr. Menelaos Theodoroulakis, president of PEPSAEE, Mr. Nikos Drosos treasurer and member of the BoD of PEPSAEE, Mrs Maria Deve scientifically responsible for the the Day Center of PEPSAEE, Mrs Konstantina Tsigara, social worker at the Day Center of PEPSAEE, Ms. Aristea Berk psychiatric nurse at Aiginitio hospital and psychotherapist, Mrs Chrysoula Papaspyrou educator and parent, Mrs Dora Papazafiri social worker at the psychiatric clinic of Sotiria hospital and Mrs Fotini Zachariadi social worker at the psychiatric clinic of Attikon hospital.

A discussion and exhange of views followed among the attendees .