Greek Carers Network Epioni and EPOS Fylis conducted two focus groups in the context of the Hi-ability project. The first focus group featured people with mental illness and intellectual disability, 12 individuals in total and took place on 23/3/2021.
The second focus group included mental health professionals, educators, physical education professors and family caregivers, 14 individuals in total and took place on 12/3/2021.
Both focus groups were organized using the platform zoom. We recorded both sessions, and we did the transcription of both meetings.
The meetings were organized in conjunction with the NGOs active in the intellectual disability area: ESTIA, ERGASTIRI and Down Syndrome Association of Greece and PEPSAEE. The focus groups have highlighted the benefits of outdoor learning and environmental education for people with disabilities. Participants mentioned how they managed to adapt their activities to the restrictions imposed by the current pandemic.