Friday 21.05.2021 The Greek Carers Network EPIONI supports caregivers of people with heart disease and promotes the recognition of their contribution to the health system and the community. EPIONI is a member of the Patients Association of Greece, the Eurocarers network and other European organisations (EASPD, EUFAMI, MHE) with the aim of disseminating good practices to support patients’ families. EPIONI in collaboration with the organizations “Heart of the Child”, “SKITALI” and “Union of Heart Patients of Navy Officers, Coast Guard and Friends, Hellenic (Greek) Navy, Greece.”, see ( on Friday, May 21, 2021, successfully carried out a webinar under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens, the Hellenic College of Cardiology and Metabolism, the Hellenic Psychiatric Society and the Global HEART Hub on “Supporting people with heart disease and the contribution of their caregivers”. The event was attended by excellent scientists supporting patients with heart disease. Elias Tsougos, Director of the 6th Cardiological Clinic of Hygeia Hospital referred to the value of physical activity. Endocrinologist Vagia Lampadiari Associate Professor of Pathology-Sugar Diabetes spoke of the relationship between diabetes and heart disease. Professor of Cardiology of the EKPA University Ignatius Economides talked about the effects of smoking, Psychologist Fotis Varelas from the association The Heart of the Child explained the contribution of caregivers to the management of preoperative anxiety of children with congenital heart disease. Cardiologist Christos Maniotis and Researcher Homer Papadopoulos referred to applications of innovative technologies of the Hellenic University of Democritus that support the daily lives of patients with heart disease. The heart-transplant survivor and member of the Board of Directors of the association SKITALI Mr Sotiris Charalambous mentioned the importance of the caregiver of patients with heart failure at the stage of heart transplantation. Allergist and Psychotherapist Ms Kelly Panagiotopoulou spoke about the contribution of the caregiver with heart disease to the management of the psychological effects of coronavirus. Stavros Terzakis, patient advocate and vice president of the association EPIONI and member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Cardiopathic Officers of the Navy, Coast Guard and Friends developed ways of ensuring blood donation in favour of heart patients. Finally, Mr Christos Nikas CEO of the company Emergency Help referred to the Management of patients with COVID-19 through telemedicine.