This community action aimed to inform the local community on mental health issues. The focus was on art, which is a vehicle for expression for people with mental health problems.

The festival, held under the auspices of the Region of Attica, the Municipality of Aegina and the Hellenic Psychiatric Association, was attended by citizens, artists, mental health professionals from Greece and abroad, mental health patients and family caregivers.

The festival in Aegina allowed representatives of organisations from Greece and abroad to meet, exchange views, share experiences and inspire each other about the use of art in mental health.

We thank the LaLiBay Hotel for the kind concession of the amphitheatre where the theatrical performance by SOPSI Korydallos, the dance therapy by Theodora Lyberopoulou and the music performance by Estudiantina Aegina took place.

The Festival had a European dimension as it was held in collaboration with mental health organisations from Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Hungary, Denmark, France, Hungary, Poland and Portugal.

The 2nd festival “Art and Mental Health” hosted workshops, talks, photo events, painting exhibitions by the organisations Ergastiri and Heliotrope and a collage exhibition by a mental health service recipient from the Saint Bernard Psychiatric Hospital.

The participating organisations are: PEPSAEE, Heliotropio, Angels of Joy, Ergastiri, SOPSI Korydallou, EDRA,  Society of Social Psychiatry P.Sakellaropoulos, obrela, Alzheimer Athens, Nephrological Center of Saronicos, Diversity United and ANTAMA

Thank you very much to the sponsors Saronic Ferries, Nephrological Center of Saronikos and Super Market KRITIKOS