The Good_Practices_Guide has been developed as part of the “E-Health4Cancer” project, co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ KA210-ADU program (project code: 2022-2-EL01-KA210-ADU-000097120).
Its core objective has been to assess the current state-of-the-art digital tools of nonclinical support for cancer patients and their caregivers in EU countries, specifically focusing on those represented by the ‘E-Health4Cancer’ project partners, that is, Italy, Greece, and Denmark.
The compilation and creation of the guide was based on a multifaceted approach. The University of Naples (UNINA) led a systematic literature review on e-health solutions in Europe. Αll partners including the University of Naples (UNINA), Cancer Guidance Center (Kapa3), Greek Carers Network EPIONI, and the Danish Committee for Health Education (DCHE) collected expert views from healthcare associations and practitioners from partner countries, to identify the main gaps in support that adults affected by cancer and their caregivers receive. DCHE undertook the compilation of the Good Practice Guide document. The Good Practices Guide is a direct result of the collaborative efforts of project partners and the sharing of useful initiatives in nonclinical cancer e-health solutions that can improve the quality of life of patients and caregivers alike.
The main findings of the guide are:
● Fragmentation leads to confusion
● More ≠ better
● No sustainability – no progress
● Solving what, for whom?
The above data were confirmed and enriched with new data collected during the workshop “Implementation of Digital Tools for Oncological Quality of Care – Barriers and Facilitators”, held in Thessaloniki, Greece, where stakeholders in e-health and digital care, including health professionals, authorities, patients, caregivers, legal bodies, patient associations, and academic communities, were presented with a draft version of the ‘Good Practices Guide’. The meeting attracted 237 participants, with 123 attending in person and 114 remotely.
Visit the following page for more details about the conference: Download the  Good_Practices_Guide_ehealth4cancer
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