On February 21, 2024, partners from Belgium, Croatia, and Greece gathered for the concluding session of the Erasmus+ SUCESS project, employing a mixed approach that blended face-to-face interactions at The Hotel in Brussels with remote engagement through Zoom. This assembly signified the end of the project’s two-year endeavor, with participants eagerly looking forward to future joint ventures.
Throughout the Erasmus+ SUCESS project, partners accomplished several key goals:

1) They facilitated the exchange of effective strategies for assisting family members of individuals with mental health issues across Europe.
2) They disseminated training programs aimed at supporting family members of individuals facing mental health challenges.
3) They initiated awareness campaigns to foster the inclusion of adults with mental illness and their caregivers, highlighting the importance of community support and understanding.

The discussions included talks on the potential of submitting a project proposal by March 2025, aiming to incorporate a learning element designed to enhance the training of educators who assist families of individuals facing mental health challenges.