EPIONI successfully organized the 5th “Caregivers and Depression” event on April 4, 2024 at the Metropolitan College, in Thessaloniki.

The workshop, which was also broadcasted online, hosted notable speakers. Professor Pietro De Lellis spoke about the network approach to psychopathology. PhD candidate Ms Konstantina Kontopoulou Kontopoulou referred to the depression of caregivers. Ms Evangelia Romanopoulou, scientific collaborator of the Medical Physics and Digital Innovation Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki spoke about the empowerment of caregivers and patients through new technologies and especially on the platform https://www.llmcare.gr/.

Ms. Chrysa Karakana on behalf of the K3 Cancer Patient Guidance Centre referred to caregivers who are the invisible force of the cancer patient. Psychiatrist and psychotherapist Mr. Petros Fotiadis spoke about the psychological impact of caregivers of anaemic patients. The health psychologist, systemic – family psychotherapist Ms. Katerina Sameli on behalf of the EGO IDEAL Institute of Mental Health spoke about caregivers of people living with depression.

The programme of the event in PDF format