PEPSAEE is spearheading the project “Inclusive Society for People with Mental Health Problems: Training in Recovery Methodology for Mental Health Professionals, Informal Caregivers, and Service Recipients,” in collaboration with the ARGO Federation and the Greek Network of Caregivers Epioni, backed by the Bodossaki Foundation. This initiative features a comprehensive two-day workshop in Thessaloniki, focusing on the recovery methodology and mental health, aimed at professionals, caregivers, and recipients of mental health services. The event is set for the 8th and 9th of April 2024, hosted in partnership with the IASIS | At Work Day Support Centre and AmKE IASIS.

To participate, please complete the registration form by March 29, 2024:

[Registration Form](

Note: Registration for professionals is now closed. We invite only families, informal caregivers, and recipients of mental health services to register.