The Patients’ Association of Greece calls on the Greek Ministry of Health to immediately include a patient representative in the committee for the completion of diagnostic/therapeutic protocols, the creation of patient registers and the monitoring of pharmaceutical expenditure.

The new composition of the committee is defined by the ministerial decision of 30 January 2020. However, among its 24 members this time too there was no room for the representation of the recipients of health services themselves, even with an advisory role, in order to ensure:

The implementation of treatment protocols that will take into account the patient’s experience and will satisfy compliance issues.

The application of patient registers that will record the data of daily clinical practice and the corresponding outcomes, based on the best treatment, clinical efficiency, financial efficiency and medical confidentiality.

The monitoring of pharmaceutical expenditure, which is not only an economic indicator but at the same time a critical aspect of the health system and the welfare state.

Both in his first meeting with the associations on 30.7.2019 and in his speech at the Panhellenic Patients’ Conference on November 28 of the same year, Mr Kikilias had pointed out the patient-centred approach of the new leadership of the Ministry and had recognized the need for more active patient participation in health policies. However, the commitment remains empty despite the opportunities for its implementation, such as the formation of the Board. of E.O.D.Y. and the announcement of the composition of the HTA and trading committees. The State and the Patients’ Union of Greece remain natural allies in the effort to improve the services provided and the health of the population, as well as to remove the inequalities recorded in access. In this regard, the Union requests from the Ministry of Health the practical confirmation of this “national alliance” for the benefit of the health system and every citizen, through the establishment of new dialogue and decision-making procedures, based on democracy and participation.